Plan for Technology Advancements for Storing Your Critical Data

Are you storing your vital company records with 20 plus year retention policies to be readable with all the advances in technology?

Recently, a law firm came to us with a banker’s box full of 5” floppy discs and needed the data off these disks. This is not an easy task even for a data conversion company. This law firm admitted that they knew they had this data in their file room, but had forgotten that it was all stored on 5” floppy discs.

All too often we see companies wanting to digitize aged paper files that were stored incorrectly for many years. While they can still be converted to PDF’s, the costs rise significantly because of the poor paper condition.

The lessons to take away here are to be aware of advances in storage devices and to convert this data before it’s too late. If you plan to store any vital paper records for long periods of time, then make sure they are being stored in a climate controlled facility such as Access Records Management. Microfiche and Microfilm can last for 100 plus years if stored correctly.

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Recycle at Work? Now it’s easy!

Access Records Management has done it again. We are now offering a solution for small to medium sized businesses that have a desire to recycle. Up until now the only 2 options for business to recycle are

1. get a six yard dumpster in your parking lot from your local trash company that will pick it up for you weekly, and bill you, regardless of how full it is, or

  1. Sort it yourself. Gather it all up. Put it in your car and drive to the recycling center.

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t recycle at all because neither of those two options mentioned above are cost effective or easy. Well, not anymore. Access Records Management has expanded its services and now offers “Business Recycling Solutions”

Business Recycling Solutions offers 2 different size bins to fit your needs. We have a 64 Gallon Recycle bin and a 96 Gallon Recycle Bin. Either size bin can be picked up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Whatever fits your needs the best. These recycle bins will go directly in a break room area and employees can co-mingle all the recycling material into that bin. We will place a guide on the bin that shows all approved materials such as, hard plastics, cardboard, aluminum and paper. When it’s time for a pick up, Business Recycling Solutions will come directly to your break room, take the full recycle bin, and replace it with an empty one. You can’t get much easier than that!

You can get a 64 Gallon recycle bin for $25 per pick up or the 96 Gallon recycle bin is $30 per pick up.

Call 816-331-7200 to get a recycling bin placed in your office today.

A Guide for Computer and Data Security

When it comes to issues with your records and their storage, security is right at the top of the list. Whether storing your paper records at our offsite facility, scanning your paper records to digital formats, or shredding your confidential records, we at Access Records Management take security very seriously. Access Records Management has strict controlled access into our facility. All of our employees have passed stringent background and drug testing and have  clean driving records. All of our trucks and vans are equipped with GPS tracking systems so your records are always being tracked while on their way to our facility. We have a high tech, 24 hour security video surveillance system within our facility, and industry leading premise inventory protocols and accounting.

What about you?

Do you leave your car unlocked in your driveway or on the street? That is an invitation for anyone to rummage through and steal something.  Do you leave your doors unlocked or the garage door open?  Do you close up your office but have vulnerable access through window or door breakage. Do you have an alarm system installed? If so, do you activate the alarm?  Many police departments will give free security audits.

What about your computer?


You hopefully have virus and/or malware protection; everyone including Apple users (you are not immune these days) should take adequate measures to protect their devices. But in reviewing McAfee Labs Threats Report (May 2015),  I saw several disturbing trends.


First, mobile malware is on the increase; be careful what you load onto your phone (or tablet) and be aware of what information you keep on those devices.


Second, ransom ware is rising again and with more virulence.  Ransom ware is malware (virus, root kit, etc.)  that locks you out of your computer, or the data on it, and demands payment to unlock it. Again, take caution in what you access (avoid emails that don’t look right or are not from who it says or “cool” links) Backing up your computer is often the best protection.


Third, beware that you keep Adobe Flash up to date. This is used in many media players.  If you have Shockwave or Multimedia Flash software that is out of date, it is quite possibly very dangerous; get the latest updates from  Adobe Flash to be safe to and try to avoid the malware in malicious downloads.


One last thing: Beware of getting computer or other “intelligent” device from a questionable source (not a mainline store or reputable web site) because they can have firmware/malware which may not be detectable or correctable with anti-virus programs. These may also be infected by Trojans or other malware.  For further information about this report see McAfee Labs at

Scan on Demand – What’s It All About?

Do you know about a one of a kind service that Access Records Management provided called Scan on Demand? It is a cost effective way to only digitize the files you need. Lots of companies scan every single paper and every single file they have into their document management program. The problem with that is the money wasted by scanning files you will most likely never need. A better option would be to only scan part of the file or only scan the active files that you know you will access. Those archived files that you may never need should be kept in paper format and stored offsite at our secure facility. You gain the much needed space in your office and if you decide you do need a particular file or files, all you have to do is contact us with an email or phone call. Access Records Management will locate that file is using our sophisticated software program using a barcode system.

The options of retrieving the files are simple as well. Access Records Management can physically drop the files off at your office or have an authorized staff member come pick them up from our facility. If you would like an electronic copy, Access Records Management can prep the files, by removing all staples, binder clips, etc. and create perfectly straight papers to scan to the format of your choosing, such as PDF or TIFF files and upload to a thumb drive or DVD. Another option is we can upload it into a cloud repository or FTP it over to you electronically. With just a few clicks of a mouse those files are uploaded into your electronic software program.

It’s that simple, folks! Access Records Management can save you time and money by only scanning the files you need and storing the files you don’t. Of course we can shred those documents for you too but that’s another blog for another day. For more information on the services we offer please visit our website at or give us a call at 816-331-7200.

Store or Shred?

As tax time has come and gone for most of us, there are some issues to settle. First, you save your forms, receipts, bills, and other supporting documents. Well maybe so or maybe not! My CPA says to store stuff for seven years just like the IRS would prefer, but if it is your personal taxes, you really do not need to save all the utility bills and such in storage. But I am a cautious hoarder, I keep mostly all for at least a couple years; particularly if it has anything to do with the business and I certainly keep all my business records for seven at least. Now I read that several experts are saying keep them for at least ten years; I agree there are valid reasons to do this in some cases especially if you file complicated returns.

Then you need to see if you do need to get rid of some of it out of your storage or files. I and some of my colleagues recently found our long term storage space would no longer be available. This led to the Storage or Shred question. The answer was as usual both. Certain documents need to be available for a longer time and had to find a new home. Those important documents and files that are not needed should almost certainly be destroyed. These days I am against burning so Shredding is the obvious answer whether personal or commercial.

Luckily, Access Records Management, is located in South Kansas City, Missouri, has an answer to all these problems. Access Records Management has a secure facility for large or small volumes of documents. We also do shredding on a one time or contract basis, both sealed bin pickup and client drop-off. You can drop off a bag or boxes of your personal stuff, and we will shred and recycle it all at competitive rates.

Remember Access Records Management, 126 E. Hargis St. Belton, MO. 816-331-7200 for an appointment or more information.

All Shredding Companies Are NOT Created Equal

All paper and document management companies claim to have great customer service, right? But are they going the extra mile for you, the customer? Here at Access Records Management, we try to live by this motto in many different ways.

With all the beautiful weather here lately, we decided to officially put winter behind us and get out the power washer to spray out all the empty shred bins back at our facility. Over winter, the wheels and sides can get “grimy” with all the sand and ice melt on the sidewalks.  The last thing we want to do is to track this mess into our client’s office environment and make a mess. So we spent an entire Saturday power washing both inside and out of all our empty shred bins. As they get rotated out with clean bins, we will again power wash the bins that have been exposed to the winter elements. It’s the little things like that, that sets us apart from the competition.

Another motto we live by each and every day is to always go the right thing for the customer. Many times, we will be talking with a new prospective client about their paper shredding needs at their office and we discover that we can save them money by placing a slightly larger shred bin. This bin takes up the same floor space as the popular executive console, but is about 16 inches taller and it tapers up as it gets taller. This shred bin holds twice the paper as the executive console and therefore decreases the trips Access Records needs to make to service the account. Over a year’s time, this really saves clients’ money over their current shredding vendor. Access Records Management cares more about customer satisfaction and your bottom line.  If you are looking for a paper shredding company that truly has your best interests in mind then give Access Records Management a call today at (816) 331-7200.

Get Into The Cloud

Considering Storing your Data In the Cloud?

The “Cloud” is a hot topic these days. It is leading edge for data storage and data access which is attractive because of the potential for cost savings by tapping into leading edge applications offered, managed and maintained by someone else. But is driving to the cloud is the same as driving into the fog for many of us. There are many concerns including security and control.  It is most of all not magic.  It takes planning and investigation just like all business processes.

First what are your goals?  Is it to clear out your file room?  Get better easier access to those 20 year records wherever they are or to restrict access to your data (not an obvious goal for some)?  Secure the environment for your files & archived documents?  Increase your data security? Who are your intended users?  These are some of the questions you need to ask.

If you are in the fog and are unsure about making the step into the cloud, perhaps some small steps would help. If you need to clear out the file room and still retain access to your files, Access Records Management offers that service. We can store and access your records down to the file level, and we can deliver the data by the file drawer, file folder, or document in paper form in a day (standard) or less (3 hour express service).  We can also rapidly deliver files and documents digitally; we can then return the data back to the banker’s box or shred the original as you desire.  Again I recommend a conservative approach to start until you have a strategic plan.  If you simply need to get rid of obsolete files or just daily transactions, Access Records Management offers paper shredding on a one-time or periodic basis. Access Records Management will help you scan, digitize, and optionally index your data in preparation into the cloud.

Christina Richmond, Program Director, Security Services at IDC, says, “To migrate to the cloud in a conscious and thoughtful manner, a holistic strategy needs to be employed. This is a seismic shift, and point solutions do not fit the problem.”  Access Records Management in South Kansas City, MO will be glad to help you with all your data storage needs.

Please call Stacie Smith at (816)331-7200 for more information.

Where do you store important document information?


This is a real example of what can, and does happen if you store paper files in your basement or garage. In this case you can see that water damage has left all the documents inside these folders damaged beyond repair. This could be very important tax records or family photos of memories that you will never get back. If you are storing something of extreme importance in a garage or basement then you are taking a huge gamble that they will get destroyed or lost.

The obvious gamble is water damage. Low lying areas such as a garage or basement are very common areas that are prone to flooding, plumbing leaks, or a sump pump backing up. If you do store important documents or records in a garage or basement, make sure the boxes of documents are not directly on the floor. They need to be up on a shelf or stored on a pallet.

Another gamble, especially in the Midwest, if you store your records on your own is tornado damage. Granted a low lying area is where you are supposed to go for severe weather, however if your records are in your office or a closet in your house that is not in a basement or garage, the chances are high that those records will be destroyed or lost in the abyss of the cyclone.

How would you feel if all of your important documents or your digital data were destroyed by a fire because someone was careless and left a candle burning unattended or threw a cigarette butt out the window of a moving car? Chances are you would be devastated.

Ok – now that I’ve got you thinking and maybe even scared a bit, here’s a great way to ensure this never happens to you. Call Access Records Management and let them store your records for you safely. Access Records Management has all the safety features in place to make sure that your records are secured and safe from water, fire, and severe weather. I know there are many times that you work from home and need those documents in your home. A wise decision would be to have a back-up plan, otherwise known as a disaster recovery plan. One important way you can save the data is to make a backup copy and keep it with Access Records Management so if your office gets destroyed you have a copy at our facility. Just like when you back-up important digital information on a thumb drive. Storing your records and critical information in two places are better than storing them in one. Call 816-331-7200 for more information and for pricing.

Altitude Sickness? Let Access Records Management help you down the mountain.

Avoid the fees of a national document management companyAre you storing records and data with a national document management company and the service fees continue to soar higher than the tallest mountain?

  • Has your national offsite data storage vendor been hitting you with higher storage rates, poor untimely service, and unreasonable surcharges?
  • Does it seem your storage vendor only has their best interests in mind?
  • Have they raised the retrieval and permanent removal fees to where you feel stuck with this vendor?

Consider making the switch to a local woman owned small business that offers clients many cost effective document management solutions that will add value to the entire records lifecycle for your business.

When you partner with Access Records Management of Kansas City, you will encounter a knowledgeable staff that truly values your business. We want to help grow your business by providing reasonable priced document management solutions. Our data management prices are typically 25% cheaper than our national competitors.

We will Exceed your Expectations by providing exceptional customer service.

  • We handle all the dirty work like physically moving the records, file indexing, the barcoding of storage boxes, etc. Data is easily trackable in our database and we provide you easy to Access to your records.
  • Pick-ups and deliveries of files or storage boxes will be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Files are available as needed 24x7x365. Stored hard copy records can be scanned, encrypted, and sent electronically thru ftp, or email.
  • When your hard copy records or files have met their retention period, and need shredded, current clients get a reduced price for bankers boxes being shred In- house.
  • All employees must pass background, credit, and drug tests.

If you’re ready to GET OFF THE MOUNTAIN, then please call or click today (816) 331-7200.

How about making a New Year’s Resolution that you will actually keep? And help the environment!!

new-years-resolutionAre you that small office with a dozen or so employees & everyone has their own small office paper shredder at their workstation?

Are you spending 10 minutes or more at the end of every shift shredding your confidential paper that was created & no longer needed?

Do you & your colleagues feel that your To Do List never quite gets done by days end?

Is your organization throwing all that shred into the dumpster because it’s deemed unrecyclable?

With this being a New Year, maybe it’s time to look at new procedures for your company’s data & document management needs. Access Records Management of Kansas City, MO is a full service document management company that provides paper shredding & document management solutions to businesses both large & small. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a company save money on their paper shredding & document management budget by doing the shredding themselves with small office shredders. In today’s fast paced business world, professionals simply don’t have the time to be shredding their own sensitive, confidential documents.

If the office manager adds up the initial cost of those personal use shredders & the labor associated with doing all shredding in house, plus replacing a few machines that burn up, then it’s easy to see that it’s much less hassle & expensive to use a paper shredding service. Access Records Management provides the collection bins free of charge & we offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly shred pick-up service. Shred service plans start as low as $15 per month & your business will receive a free certificate of destruction.

For more information, please call 816.331.7200.