Security cameras

We guarantee absolute confidentiality when handling your vital business records. ALL boxes are randomly placed so they’re next to impossible for outsiders to locate within our records center. At Access Records Management we provide a high security facility, equipped with CCTV cameras that record to a DVR. Our warehouse is protected by ADT Security for fire and intrusions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each employee has their own alarm/disarm code and these are tracked by management.  The physical building has no signage outside and is totally unmarked as we do not want to advertise that there sensitive documents stored here. All company trucks are kept inside or around the back to, again, keep the building as non-descript as possible.

Our warehouse has 15″ thick walls and the finished concrete in the building is 12″ thick. Our building is rated to withstand a class 3 hurricane. We use only the best racking that is designed specifically for records storage.

All potential employees must pass a stringent background test which includes a drug test, credit check, local and national criminal check, along with a motor vehicle driving report.  Additionally, current employee’s are subject to these random background checks at any time during their employment.

All vendors or visitors must sign and abide to a strict confidentiality agreement where they are not allowed past the reception area with briefcases, cell phones, etc. All visitors are issued a visitor badge and must be accompanied by an Access Records Management employee at all times.