Plan for Technology Advancements for Storing Your Critical Data

Are you storing your vital company records with 20 plus year retention policies to be readable with all the advances in technology?

Recently, a law firm came to us with a banker’s box full of 5” floppy discs and needed the data off these disks. This is not an easy task even for a data conversion company. This law firm admitted that they knew they had this data in their file room, but had forgotten that it was all stored on 5” floppy discs.

All too often we see companies wanting to digitize aged paper files that were stored incorrectly for many years. While they can still be converted to PDF’s, the costs rise significantly because of the poor paper condition.

The lessons to take away here are to be aware of advances in storage devices and to convert this data before it’s too late. If you plan to store any vital paper records for long periods of time, then make sure they are being stored in a climate controlled facility such as Access Records Management. Microfiche and Microfilm can last for 100 plus years if stored correctly.

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Scan on Demand – What’s It All About?

Do you know about a one of a kind service that Access Records Management provided called Scan on Demand? It is a cost effective way to only digitize the files you need. Lots of companies scan every single paper and every single file they have into their document management program. The problem with that is the money wasted by scanning files you will most likely never need. A better option would be to only scan part of the file or only scan the active files that you know you will access. Those archived files that you may never need should be kept in paper format and stored offsite at our secure facility. You gain the much needed space in your office and if you decide you do need a particular file or files, all you have to do is contact us with an email or phone call. Access Records Management will locate that file is using our sophisticated software program using a barcode system.

The options of retrieving the files are simple as well. Access Records Management can physically drop the files off at your office or have an authorized staff member come pick them up from our facility. If you would like an electronic copy, Access Records Management can prep the files, by removing all staples, binder clips, etc. and create perfectly straight papers to scan to the format of your choosing, such as PDF or TIFF files and upload to a thumb drive or DVD. Another option is we can upload it into a cloud repository or FTP it over to you electronically. With just a few clicks of a mouse those files are uploaded into your electronic software program.

It’s that simple, folks! Access Records Management can save you time and money by only scanning the files you need and storing the files you don’t. Of course we can shred those documents for you too but that’s another blog for another day. For more information on the services we offer please visit our website at or give us a call at 816-331-7200.