Kansas City Paper Shredding & Records Storage

Access Records Management of Kansas City relieves companies from the burden of document storage, while providing instant & secure records pickup and timely delivery options. Best of all, our customers do not have to reorganize their records or change the way they do business. Access Records adapts to, and enhances existing records storage and management systems.

We take every precaution to make sure that your records are safe, confidential and secure. All Access Records Management facilities adhere to the strictest industry standards for security. Facilities are alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day. All employees are issued security badges and visitors are accompanied by an authorized employee.

We barcode it. We organize it. We record it. We file it. We store it. We retrieve it. We move it.

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Our Services

Access Records Management can help you with:

Document Scanning & Imaging

We guarantee that your heavy, messy, cumbersome charts will easily and quickly become electronic charts faster and more effectively than you could do it yourself. Read more

Records Storage

To achieve compliance, lower your liability, reduce labor costs, and ensure best practices partner with Access Records Management to protect and manage your paper based and computer generated information. Read more

X-Ray Film Recycling

Access Records Management provides medical imaging facilities, hospitals, chiropractors, veterinary clinics and more with secure, professional x-ray film disposal. We responsibly recycle your unwanted x ray film for the silver content. Read more

Plant Based Off-Site Shredding

Plant Shredding is a cost effective and more  Green approach than Mobile Shredding.  There is no big diesel truck running for long periods of time on your lot  making lots of noise and blowing black smoke into the air. Many times, off-site shredding is 40% cheaper than using a Mobile Shred Service. We provide locked shred containers free of charge. Our bonded and insured employees collect the material directly from your office. The carts are placed in one of our secure company owned vehicles & tracked by GPS.  The shred bins are delivered to our records center where the contents are shredded beyond recognition, bailed, and sent to a paper mill for recycling. A certificate of destruction is provided free of charge to all our clients. Read more

Drop Off Paper Shredding

You simply bring in your sensitive shred materials to Access Records Management’s shredding facility and come into the office. An Access Records staff member will direct you to drive your vehicle over to our document shred receiving area. From there, our employee will bring out a mobile locking security shred cart to your vehicle to receive your shred material. You are welcome to bring this material in bankers boxes, plastic totes, grocery bags, or trash bags. After our employee has emptied the material from your vehicle and into the shred bin, the container is locked in front of you. The material is weighed and will typically be destroyed within 24 hours. Upon request, we provide you a certificate of destruction free of charge in case you are ever audited. Read more