An Unbroken Chain of Custody Process:

Delivery Service

The Safe & Secure transportation of your vital documents & data is crucial to you and us. All Access Records Management vehicles are tracked by GPS at all times. All retention items are bar-coded and our company employees carry mobile handheld computers to track the movement of your sensitive data to our records center.  Our bonded and insured employees always carry cell phones and are in constant communication with our records center staff. Access Records Management’s strict chain of custody policy & procedures  allow for  tracking before, during, and after file retrievals & deliveries, and the movement of boxes to & from our secure records facility. Our delivery vehicles are always locked on every stop. No exceptions. Chain of Custody for your private information is of the utmost importance.  At any time during the delivery, retrieval, or pickup process, you will have the ability to pinpoint the exact location of your documents.