Are you considering purchasing a PACS… Now What?

Are you considering purchasing a PACS... Now What?It’s year end & the accountant has recommended that you purchase a piece of equipment to off-set the taxes. You’re a busy medical practice who shoots lots of X-rays, so why not get rid of the old analog film machine & go with a new digital PACS.(Picture Archiving and Communication System) Electronic Images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS; this eliminates the need to manually file, retrieve, or transport film jackets which saves labor, time, and headaches.

Four reasons to choose PACS over an analog x- ray film system:

Hard Copy Replacement: Managing hard copy medical images now becomes much quicker, & convenient. That old film archive room can go away and be repurposed into a revenue generating space. Access Records Management can digitize that x- ray film and those electronic images can be stored in your PACS. We also offer offsite storage & management of your outdated film that may not be cost effective to convert to digital.

Remote Access: Do any of your clinics Doctors need remote access to the film images? With a PACS system, authorized personnel with login credentials can view the electronic images remotely.

Electronic Image Integration Platform: PACS provides the electronic platform for captured radiology images interfacing with other medical systems such as: EHR(Electronic Health Records) HIS(Hospital Information System) RIS(Radiology Information System) and Practice Management Software. Access Records Management offers a variety of cloud solutions that will complement your PACS investment.

Radiology Workflow Management: PACS is used by your medical staff to manage the workflow of patient exams. Improved patient workflow equals happier patients getting in and out of the doctor’s office in a timely manner.

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5 BIG reasons to use Access Records Management vs Self-Storage

Access Records Management VS Self-Storage

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1. Cost – Who doesn’t like to save $$$?


You only pay for the space you need. No driving back and forth (gas) to retrieve files in need. You will save 25% or more when storing with ARM.


You pay for the unit size you think you need. Too big, you’re wasting space. Too small, you need a second unit.

2. Security – Who has access to your records?


Smoke detectors, fire suppression system, and disaster relief plan in place. Sophisticated motion sensor cameras, password protection on the doors, and a state of the art alarm system keep    your information & data safe and secure.


Anything can be stored in the unit next to your confidential information. Flammable, explosives, who knows? Security systems are minimal and potentially 500+ people have access to the same facility.

3. Service – How do you get your records?


With just one phone call or a quick email you can have the file you need on your desk or sent to your computer (encrypted) anytime 24/7. Our sophisticated operating system ensures we can find any file/record quickly and accurately.


Some storage facilities don’t offer 24/7 access or charge extra for it. You or an employee has to drive there and retrieve the needed file on your own no matter if it’s hot, cold, raining, or snowing.

4. Safety – How are the boxes handled?


All of the staff at Access Records Management has passed background checks and random drug testing. We take the responsibility off your hands. Our storage box racking is tested to withstand the weight of your boxes.


Unexperienced staff lifting heavy boxes from a cramped storage unit could end up as a worker’s compensation claim. Boxes could fall if stacked too high or incorrectly.

5. Time – How long does it take to retrieve your files?


We know that your time is precious. Access Records Management has a software barcoding system that can accurately and quickly find the file or files you need quickly and accurately without even leaving your desk.


Your employee has to leave the office, drive across town, and search through a cramped and often unorganized storage unit and quite possibly not find the file for which you are searching.

Watch Out!

It is usually not a good omen when you hear or say “Watch Out!” If you are a parent this is something probably familiar and maybe not an emergency situation. But when your CPA, lawyer, or your insurance agent says it, it may mean you need to pay attention to your business and/or your personal life. Your business surely is organized with easy to access data and financial information grouped in a manageable, sensible filing method that everyone understands. Are your home records equally well organized and accessible? Do you have “data creep” in your home or office?

One sign of data management problems is a request to “watch out” for the J Smith and S Jones files. Quotes like: “Where is my File Box?” or “I hope we didn’t shred that stuff!” definitely shows information management problems. Does it sometimes take days to locate an important file or archived bankers box for work? If your file room(s) at the office is becoming unwieldy, overcrowded, or just taking up too much valuable real estate, consider managed storage outside your office. I suggest Access Records Management in Kansas City, MO. for your physical data storage needs. They can track your boxes or even individual file folders in boxes or specialty cabinets with industry leading software tracking. If scan to digital format is needed, Access Records Management does that to with our popular “scan on demand” service. Access Records can also do your shredding and recycling on a regular or demand basis. This gives security when your files become obsolete.

Please consider Access Records Management of Kansas City, MO. for your offsite data storage & information management needs. Our phone number is: (816) 331-7200.

Year-End File Organizing

Frost is on the ground.  Thanksgiving has been celebrated and Christmas is on the horizon.  The end is coming, that is, the end of the year. It is time to organize for tax time, get this year’s files in order, and prepare for next year’s business.  For some of us this may not be a problem, but hopefully everyone has a filing procedure and organization scheme.  Throwing everything in a box or drawer is not organizing.  Filing space is not infinite in most offices (or homes).  So what to do with the older stuff?

There are two choices: Keep it some way or throw it out.  Keeping usually means storing your files and data in a lower access location.  I suggest a data management facility such as, Access Records Management of Kansas City.  Throwing out may mean trashing or shredding.  Without thoroughly examining the records, tossing paper records is not a good idea. And shredding is also a service offered by Access Records Management.  Another alternative is to scan and digitize documents to save space, also a service offered by Access Records Management.

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