Are you considering purchasing a PACS… Now What?

Are you considering purchasing a PACS... Now What?It’s year end & the accountant has recommended that you purchase a piece of equipment to off-set the taxes. You’re a busy medical practice who shoots lots of X-rays, so why not get rid of the old analog film machine & go with a new digital PACS.(Picture Archiving and Communication System) Electronic Images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS; this eliminates the need to manually file, retrieve, or transport film jackets which saves labor, time, and headaches.

Four reasons to choose PACS over an analog x- ray film system:

Hard Copy Replacement: Managing hard copy medical images now becomes much quicker, & convenient. That old film archive room can go away and be repurposed into a revenue generating space. Access Records Management can digitize that x- ray film and those electronic images can be stored in your PACS. We also offer offsite storage & management of your outdated film that may not be cost effective to convert to digital.

Remote Access: Do any of your clinics Doctors need remote access to the film images? With a PACS system, authorized personnel with login credentials can view the electronic images remotely.

Electronic Image Integration Platform: PACS provides the electronic platform for captured radiology images interfacing with other medical systems such as: EHR(Electronic Health Records) HIS(Hospital Information System) RIS(Radiology Information System) and Practice Management Software. Access Records Management offers a variety of cloud solutions that will complement your PACS investment.

Radiology Workflow Management: PACS is used by your medical staff to manage the workflow of patient exams. Improved patient workflow equals happier patients getting in and out of the doctor’s office in a timely manner.

Call Access Records Management today if you are needing analog film converted to digital. Our experienced staff will make sure your x ray film conversion stays on budget and gets completed in a timely matter. (816)331-7200.

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