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Recycle at Work? Now it’s easy!

Access Records Management has done it again. We are now offering a solution for small to medium sized businesses that have a desire to recycle. Up until now the only 2 options for business to recycle are 1. get a six yard dumpster in your parking lot from your local trash company that will pick […]

A Guide for Computer and Data Security

When it comes to issues with your records and their storage, security is right at the top of the list. Whether storing your paper records at our offsite facility, scanning your paper records to digital formats, or shredding your confidential records, we at Access Records Management take security very seriously. Access Records Management has strict […]

Scan on Demand – What’s It All About?

Do you know about a one of a kind service that Access Records Management provided called Scan on Demand? It is a cost effective way to only digitize the files you need. Lots of companies scan every single paper and every single file they have into their document management program. The problem with that is […]

Get Into The Cloud

Considering Storing your Data In the Cloud? The “Cloud” is a hot topic these days. It is leading edge for data storage and data access which is attractive because of the potential for cost savings by tapping into leading edge applications offered, managed and maintained by someone else. But is driving to the cloud is […]

Where do you store important document information?

This is a real example of what can, and does happen if you store paper files in your basement or garage. In this case you can see that water damage has left all the documents inside these folders damaged beyond repair. This could be very important tax records or family photos of memories that you […]

Are you considering purchasing a PACS… Now What?

It’s year end & the accountant has recommended that you purchase a piece of equipment to off-set the taxes. You’re a busy medical practice who shoots lots of X-rays, so why not get rid of the old analog film machine & go with a new digital PACS.(Picture Archiving and Communication System) Electronic Images and reports […]

How to Succeed in Household Data Storage

Personal Data information at home has become more complex in the last few years.  It tends to be some paper and some digital; the ratio depends on the people in the household.  It is further complicated by the use of the “cloud.”  Let’s explore the issues. Traditionally, personal records (not LPs and 45s, which is […]

How Safe Is Your Healthcare Information?

Anytime you go to a doctor’s office for the first time, they make you fill out paperwork. Lots of paperwork! One page will be information about you, including your name, address, phone number, social security number, insurance information, etc. Another one will be about HIPAA compliance. Yet another one will be who to contact in […]