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Considering Storing your Data In the Cloud?

The “Cloud” is a hot topic these days. It is leading edge for data storage and data access which is attractive because of the potential for cost savings by tapping into leading edge applications offered, managed and maintained by someone else. But is driving to the cloud is the same as driving into the fog for many of us. There are many concerns including security and control.  It is most of all not magic.  It takes planning and investigation just like all business processes.

First what are your goals?  Is it to clear out your file room?  Get better easier access to those 20 year records wherever they are or to restrict access to your data (not an obvious goal for some)?  Secure the environment for your files & archived documents?  Increase your data security? Who are your intended users?  These are some of the questions you need to ask.

If you are in the fog and are unsure about making the step into the cloud, perhaps some small steps would help. If you need to clear out the file room and still retain access to your files, Access Records Management offers that service. We can store and access your records down to the file level, and we can deliver the data by the file drawer, file folder, or document in paper form in a day (standard) or less (3 hour express service).  We can also rapidly deliver files and documents digitally; we can then return the data back to the banker’s box or shred the original as you desire.  Again I recommend a conservative approach to start until you have a strategic plan.  If you simply need to get rid of obsolete files or just daily transactions, Access Records Management offers paper shredding on a one-time or periodic basis. Access Records Management will help you scan, digitize, and optionally index your data in preparation into the cloud.

Christina Richmond, Program Director, Security Services at IDC, says, “To migrate to the cloud in a conscious and thoughtful manner, a holistic strategy needs to be employed. This is a seismic shift, and point solutions do not fit the problem.”  Access Records Management in South Kansas City, MO will be glad to help you with all your data storage needs.

Please call Stacie Smith at (816)331-7200 for more information.

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