All Shredding Companies Are NOT Created Equal

All paper and document management companies claim to have great customer service, right? But are they going the extra mile for you, the customer? Here at Access Records Management, we try to live by this motto in many different ways.

With all the beautiful weather here lately, we decided to officially put winter behind us and get out the power washer to spray out all the empty shred bins back at our facility. Over winter, the wheels and sides can get “grimy” with all the sand and ice melt on the sidewalks.  The last thing we want to do is to track this mess into our client’s office environment and make a mess. So we spent an entire Saturday power washing both inside and out of all our empty shred bins. As they get rotated out with clean bins, we will again power wash the bins that have been exposed to the winter elements. It’s the little things like that, that sets us apart from the competition.

Another motto we live by each and every day is to always go the right thing for the customer. Many times, we will be talking with a new prospective client about their paper shredding needs at their office and we discover that we can save them money by placing a slightly larger shred bin. This bin takes up the same floor space as the popular executive console, but is about 16 inches taller and it tapers up as it gets taller. This shred bin holds twice the paper as the executive console and therefore decreases the trips Access Records needs to make to service the account. Over a year’s time, this really saves clients’ money over their current shredding vendor. Access Records Management cares more about customer satisfaction and your bottom line.  If you are looking for a paper shredding company that truly has your best interests in mind then give Access Records Management a call today at (816) 331-7200.

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