Store or Shred?

As tax time has come and gone for most of us, there are some issues to settle. First, you save your forms, receipts, bills, and other supporting documents. Well maybe so or maybe not! My CPA says to store stuff for seven years just like the IRS would prefer, but if it is your personal taxes, you really do not need to save all the utility bills and such in storage. But I am a cautious hoarder, I keep mostly all for at least a couple years; particularly if it has anything to do with the business and I certainly keep all my business records for seven at least. Now I read that several experts are saying keep them for at least ten years; I agree there are valid reasons to do this in some cases especially if you file complicated returns.

Then you need to see if you do need to get rid of some of it out of your storage or files. I and some of my colleagues recently found our long term storage space would no longer be available. This led to the Storage or Shred question. The answer was as usual both. Certain documents need to be available for a longer time and had to find a new home. Those important documents and files that are not needed should almost certainly be destroyed. These days I am against burning so Shredding is the obvious answer whether personal or commercial.

Luckily, Access Records Management, is located in South Kansas City, Missouri, has an answer to all these problems. Access Records Management has a secure facility for large or small volumes of documents. We also do shredding on a one time or contract basis, both sealed bin pickup and client drop-off. You can drop off a bag or boxes of your personal stuff, and we will shred and recycle it all at competitive rates.

Remember Access Records Management, 126 E. Hargis St. Belton, MO. 816-331-7200 for an appointment or more information.

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