Recycle at Work? Now it’s easy!

Access Records Management has done it again. We are now offering a solution for small to medium sized businesses that have a desire to recycle. Up until now the only 2 options for business to recycle are

1. get a six yard dumpster in your parking lot from your local trash company that will pick it up for you weekly, and bill you, regardless of how full it is, or

  1. Sort it yourself. Gather it all up. Put it in your car and drive to the recycling center.

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t recycle at all because neither of those two options mentioned above are cost effective or easy. Well, not anymore. Access Records Management has expanded its services and now offers “Business Recycling Solutions”

Business Recycling Solutions offers 2 different size bins to fit your needs. We have a 64 Gallon Recycle bin and a 96 Gallon Recycle Bin. Either size bin can be picked up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Whatever fits your needs the best. These recycle bins will go directly in a break room area and employees can co-mingle all the recycling material into that bin. We will place a guide on the bin that shows all approved materials such as, hard plastics, cardboard, aluminum and paper. When it’s time for a pick up, Business Recycling Solutions will come directly to your break room, take the full recycle bin, and replace it with an empty one. You can’t get much easier than that!

You can get a 64 Gallon recycle bin for $25 per pick up or the 96 Gallon recycle bin is $30 per pick up.

Call 816-331-7200 to get a recycling bin placed in your office today.