How Is Shredding Different From Recycling?

Many people don’t know the difference between shredding vs recycling. Some, think that it is all the same but it’s not! There are a lot of key differences between the two you should know about and it could end up saving you time, money and the possibility of being a victim of Identity theft. So […]

Access Records Management

IRS Scam Calls, Here Again!

April is right around the corner and so are the IRS scam calls! Have you started receiving them yet? If you didn’t know already, it’s usually not the actual IRS! How can you spot the IRS scam calls lie? Typically the calls are automated but there have been live people who call as well saying […]

5 Reasons to Love Professional Shred Services

We want to share the love this Valentine’s Day and tell you five reasons you’ll love professional shred services! 1. Professional shred services can save you a lot of time so you can focus on things you love! No one loves to sit in an uncomfortable chair shredding five papers at a time! Not only […]

Shred Stories | Famous Artwork Destroyed at Auction

Banksy, an England-based Artist, shred one of his most famous works of art as soon as it was SOLD at an auction! Can you imagine spending $1.8 million for a piece of art, then watch it shred before your eyes? Well, that’s pretty much what happened here! They are now saying because of the event, […]

National S’mores Day! | Storage Tip

It’s National S’mores Day! We’ve never been more excited, since s’mores are one of the best combinations invented. Wouldn’t it be even better if we could make it last forever? Today we’re going to give you a few tips on how to store your s’mores ingredients so they can last longer for great tasting s’mores! […]

How to Prevent Fraud: Financial Documents

Top Financial Documents to Destroy to Prevent Fraud To commit fraud, a hacker or identity thief would only need your name, DOB, phone number and/or address. With that information alone they can create new credit cards, a new identity, file fraudulent tax returns and more. To protect your financial status and prevent fraud, here are […]

Plan for Technology Advancements for Storing Your Critical Data

Are you storing your vital company records with 20 plus year retention policies to be readable with all the advances in technology? Recently, a law firm came to us with a banker’s box full of 5” floppy discs and needed the data off these disks. This is not an easy task even for a data […]

Recycle at Work? Now it’s easy!

Access Records Management has done it again. We are now offering a solution for small to medium sized businesses that have a desire to recycle. Up until now the only 2 options for business to recycle are 1. get a six yard dumpster in your parking lot from your local trash company that will pick […]

A Guide for Computer and Data Security

When it comes to issues with your records and their storage, security is right at the top of the list. Whether storing your paper records at our offsite facility, scanning your paper records to digital formats, or shredding your confidential records, we at Access Records Management take security very seriously. Access Records Management has strict […]