Year-End File Organizing

Frost is on the ground.  Thanksgiving has been celebrated and Christmas is on the horizon.  The end is coming, that is, the end of the year. It is time to organize for tax time, get this year’s files in order, and prepare for next year’s business.  For some of us this may not be a problem, […]

How to Succeed in Household Data Storage

Personal Data information at home has become more complex in the last few years.  It tends to be some paper and some digital; the ratio depends on the people in the household.  It is further complicated by the use of the “cloud.”  Let’s explore the issues. Traditionally, personal records (not LPs and 45s, which is […]

How Safe Is Your Healthcare Information?

Anytime you go to a doctor’s office for the first time, they make you fill out paperwork. Lots of paperwork! One page will be information about you, including your name, address, phone number, social security number, insurance information, etc. Another one will be about HIPAA compliance. Yet another one will be who to contact in […]

The Life of a Document

A document has an existence which parallels living beings including humans. Documents can be short-lived, such as memos; living short hopefully productive lives.  However many documents and data are long-lived, paralleling human life spans. Human lives tend to be divided into several categories: Early life (gestation through schooling), productive working life, retirement, and finally death. […]

On Site or Off Site Paper Shredding Comparison

All businesses and most individuals are inundated with paper. Data destruction (paper shredding) is becoming a business essential. It is something that almost every business and even individuals are doing more frequently and in a larger volume. It is not good enough these days to simply “throw it away.”  Government regulations, identity thieves, and corporate […]

How to Work Smarter – Not Harder

Once upon a time there was a very busy office manager, named Jamie, who was always leaving work late and felt guilty about missing out on that time with her family. Every day she was overwhelmed putting out fires, solving other people’s problems, and finding lost paperwork. All while trying to remain compliant with all […]

When Size Matters

When you are looking for a company to store your business records for you, which do you look towards? Are you the type of company that likes to support other locally owned businesses, or do you look towards the big corporations with locations all over the United States or even all over the world? If […]

Storage: Onsite or Offsite Should you entrust your data to Access Records Management (ARM)?

Every business needs to store items and data.  That is certainly true of business records and supporting materials, such as, evidence or exhibits.  The big question is where do you keep it?   Your desk is definitely not the right answer. The file cabinet next to your desk is probably not a good long term […]