Scan on Demand – What’s It All About?

Do you know about a one of a kind service that Access Records Management provided called Scan on Demand? It is a cost effective way to only digitize the files you need. Lots of companies scan every single paper and every single file they have into their document management program. The problem with that is […]

Store or Shred?

As tax time has come and gone for most of us, there are some issues to settle. First, you save your forms, receipts, bills, and other supporting documents. Well maybe so or maybe not! My CPA says to store stuff for seven years just like the IRS would prefer, but if it is your personal […]

All Shredding Companies Are NOT Created Equal

All paper and document management companies claim to have great customer service, right? But are they going the extra mile for you, the customer? Here at Access Records Management, we try to live by this motto in many different ways. With all the beautiful weather here lately, we decided to officially put winter behind us […]

Get Into The Cloud

Considering Storing your Data In the Cloud? The “Cloud” is a hot topic these days. It is leading edge for data storage and data access which is attractive because of the potential for cost savings by tapping into leading edge applications offered, managed and maintained by someone else. But is driving to the cloud is […]

Where do you store important document information?

This is a real example of what can, and does happen if you store paper files in your basement or garage. In this case you can see that water damage has left all the documents inside these folders damaged beyond repair. This could be very important tax records or family photos of memories that you […]

Avoid the fees of a national document management company

Altitude Sickness? Let Access Records Management help you down the mountain.

Are you storing records and data with a national document management company and the service fees continue to soar higher than the tallest mountain? Has your national offsite data storage vendor been hitting you with higher storage rates, poor untimely service, and unreasonable surcharges? Does it seem your storage vendor only has their best interests […]

How about making a New Year’s Resolution that you will actually keep? And help the environment!!

Are you that small office with a dozen or so employees & everyone has their own small office paper shredder at their workstation? Are you spending 10 minutes or more at the end of every shift shredding your confidential paper that was created & no longer needed? Do you & your colleagues feel that your […]

Are you considering purchasing a PACS… Now What?

It’s year end & the accountant has recommended that you purchase a piece of equipment to off-set the taxes. You’re a busy medical practice who shoots lots of X-rays, so why not get rid of the old analog film machine & go with a new digital PACS.(Picture Archiving and Communication System) Electronic Images and reports […]

5 BIG reasons to use Access Records Management vs Self-Storage

Access Records Management VS Self-Storage Call us today at (816)331-7200 1. Cost – Who doesn’t like to save $$$? 2. Security – Who has access to your records? 3. Service – How do you get your records? 4. Safety – How are the boxes handled? 5. Time – How long does it take to retrieve […]

Watch Out!

It is usually not a good omen when you hear or say “Watch Out!” If you are a parent this is something probably familiar and maybe not an emergency situation. But when your CPA, lawyer, or your insurance agent says it, it may mean you need to pay attention to your business and/or your personal […]