Where do you store important document information?


This is a real example of what can, and does happen if you store paper files in your basement or garage. In this case you can see that water damage has left all the documents inside these folders damaged beyond repair. This could be very important tax records or family photos of memories that you will never get back. If you are storing something of extreme importance in a garage or basement then you are taking a huge gamble that they will get destroyed or lost.

The obvious gamble is water damage. Low lying areas such as a garage or basement are very common areas that are prone to flooding, plumbing leaks, or a sump pump backing up. If you do store important documents or records in a garage or basement, make sure the boxes of documents are not directly on the floor. They need to be up on a shelf or stored on a pallet.

Another gamble, especially in the Midwest, if you store your records on your own is tornado damage. Granted a low lying area is where you are supposed to go for severe weather, however if your records are in your office or a closet in your house that is not in a basement or garage, the chances are high that those records will be destroyed or lost in the abyss of the cyclone.

How would you feel if all of your important documents or your digital data were destroyed by a fire because someone was careless and left a candle burning unattended or threw a cigarette butt out the window of a moving car? Chances are you would be devastated.

Ok – now that I’ve got you thinking and maybe even scared a bit, here’s a great way to ensure this never happens to you. Call Access Records Management and let them store your records for you safely. Access Records Management has all the safety features in place to make sure that your records are secured and safe from water, fire, and severe weather. I know there are many times that you work from home and need those documents in your home. A wise decision would be to have a back-up plan, otherwise known as a disaster recovery plan. One important way you can save the data is to make a backup copy and keep it with Access Records Management so if your office gets destroyed you have a copy at our facility. Just like when you back-up important digital information on a thumb drive. Storing your records and critical information in two places are better than storing them in one. Call 816-331-7200 for more information and for pricing.

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