Year-End File Organizing

Frost is on the ground.  Thanksgiving has been celebrated and Christmas is on the horizon.  The end is coming, that is, the end of the year. It is time to organize for tax time, get this year’s files in order, and prepare for next year’s business.  For some of us this may not be a problem, but hopefully everyone has a filing procedure and organization scheme.  Throwing everything in a box or drawer is not organizing.  Filing space is not infinite in most offices (or homes).  So what to do with the older stuff?

There are two choices: Keep it some way or throw it out.  Keeping usually means storing your files and data in a lower access location.  I suggest a data management facility such as, Access Records Management of Kansas City.  Throwing out may mean trashing or shredding.  Without thoroughly examining the records, tossing paper records is not a good idea. And shredding is also a service offered by Access Records Management.  Another alternative is to scan and digitize documents to save space, also a service offered by Access Records Management.

Contact Access Records Management in Belton, Mo. to help you get your yearend storage requirements organized & under control. 816.331.7200

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