Watch Out!

It is usually not a good omen when you hear or say “Watch Out!” If you are a parent this is something probably familiar and maybe not an emergency situation. But when your CPA, lawyer, or your insurance agent says it, it may mean you need to pay attention to your business and/or your personal life. Your business surely is organized with easy to access data and financial information grouped in a manageable, sensible filing method that everyone understands. Are your home records equally well organized and accessible? Do you have “data creep” in your home or office?

One sign of data management problems is a request to “watch out” for the J Smith and S Jones files. Quotes like: “Where is my File Box?” or “I hope we didn’t shred that stuff!” definitely shows information management problems. Does it sometimes take days to locate an important file or archived bankers box for work? If your file room(s) at the office is becoming unwieldy, overcrowded, or just taking up too much valuable real estate, consider managed storage outside your office. I suggest Access Records Management in Kansas City, MO. for your physical data storage needs. They can track your boxes or even individual file folders in boxes or specialty cabinets with industry leading software tracking. If scan to digital format is needed, Access Records Management does that to with our popular “scan on demand” service. Access Records can also do your shredding and recycling on a regular or demand basis. This gives security when your files become obsolete.

Please consider Access Records Management of Kansas City, MO. for your offsite data storage & information management needs. Our phone number is: (816) 331-7200.

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