Radiography of human body parts

Access Records Management provides medical imaging facilities, hospitals, chiropractors, veterinary clinics and more with secure, professional x-ray film disposal. We responsibly recycle your unwanted x ray film for the silver content.

Here at Access Records of Kansas City, we are a Locally Owned & Operated Woman-Owned Small Business. We  pay some of the highest prices for your outdated film. We pick the film up with our own trucks, have uniformed employees and in most cases, we pay you for the x ray film before we leave your facility. We have experienced purge teams who are HIPAA trained that will come in and purge your film room for free-and still provide Competitive X Ray Film Prices.

Access Records can provide payments to corporate entities, education funds, or even a specific department with a check drawn on a local bank.

We recycle medical X Ray Film ,MRI, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Mammogram, Industrial, Veterinarian, & Lithographic film.

better x ray film gaylord picThe ever increasing demands from the EPA over environmental concerns has further emphasized  proper requirements & procedures with X Ray film disposal &recycling. Even sensitive paper jackets with PHI, will be shredded, bailed and sent to a paper mill for recycling. We provide you, the client, with all the proper documentation(BAA-Business Associate Agreement, Certificates of Destruction, Etc.) to comply with HIPAA.

Our Document Management Industry Expertise, along with our proven Chain of Custody Records Management procedures ensures you a smooth, profitable, & secure way to properly dispose of your outdated X Ray Film.

We Buy X- Ray Film, Pay You On-Site,  and Will Pickup For Free!!  (50 pounds or more)

For more information on our X Ray Film recycling program, please call us at 816.331.7200 or fill out the form on this page.