Secure Offsite Document Storage Services


Records  storage and document management is more than just getting boxes out of your office. It’s about having quick Access to your data when you really need it- And knowing that it’s safe and secure until you do.

The need  for storage of documents & data  at a secure off-site facility has increased with the rise in commercial real estate costs over the past few years.  Companies both large and small are searching for ways to become more efficient and increase productivity. The space all those file cabinets take up costs your business money. Move those inactive files off-site and that space can be contributing to your bottom line by using it for revenue generating purposes.

records-storage-01Our prices are reasonable & our secure off-site data storage solutions provide these benefits & services:

  • Secure Records Storage
  • Super Fast Pick-Ups & Deliveries of your Boxes
  • Bar -Code Tracking of Each Box
  • Indexing of Each Box to the File Level
  • On-Line access to Your Records
  • Automated Tracking & Reporting
  • Access to Your Information 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week, 365 Days/Year

To achieve compliance, lower your liability, reduce labor costs, and ensure best practices partner with Access Records Management of Kansas City to protect and manage your paper based and computer generated information.