Drop Off Paper Shredding in Belton, MO

Access Records Management offers the option for clients to drop off their documents needing shredding to our location in Belton, Mo for secure document destruction.

Kansas City Drop Off Paper Shredding

How Does It Work?

On the day of drop-off, you will simply bring in your sensitive shred materials to Access Records Management’s shredding facility and go into the office. An Access Records staff member will direct you to drive your vehicle over to our document shred receiving area. You are welcome to bring this material in bankers boxes, plastic totes, grocery bags, or trash bags. After our employee has emptied the material from your vehicle and into the shred bin, the container is locked in front of you. At this time, appointments are necessary. Contact our office at (816) 331-7200 to schedule an appointment.

There is a minimum charge of $35 for up to 50 pounds of paper and .65 cents for anything 51 pounds or greater.

The material is weighed and will typically be destroyed within 24 hours. Upon request, we provide you a certificate of destruction free of charge in case you are ever audited.

Viewing The Shredding of Your Documents

If you need to view the shredding of your documents, please call our office at 816.331.7200  to schedule an appointment. We are happy to accommodate your request and will work with you to schedule a time for you to view your documents being shredded at Access Records Management. Viewing the shredding is a separate service on top of the drop off shredding service, and there is an additional charge of $25.

About Access Records Management

Access Records Management is an affordable and trustworthy Kansas City based company. We take every precaution to make sure that your records are safe, confidential, and secure.

Sheila Clark

“Working with Access Records Management was a great experience! We dropped off our files to shred making the process easy & efficient to complete. We will definitely recommend them to other businesses.”

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Do I Need To Remove Staples, Paper Clips?

Not at all. We have an industrial shredder by VecoPlan that handles staples, paper clips with ease. NO hanging folders, spiral notebooks, three ring binders and no binder clips.

You bring the documents to us and we will make sure they get destroyed.

What Payment Options Do You Take?

Our Drop Off Paper Shredding customers may pay by cash, business check. We also accept credit card payments when using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

What’s The Cost?

We try to keep the pricing structure of our Drop Off Paper Shredding service simple.  There is a minimum charge of $35 to shred up to 50 pounds of material. Once you have reached the 51 pound limit, you can continue shredding for an additional charge of .65 cents per pound.

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