Specialty Items Storage

???????????????????????Many businesses have unique storage requirements that are needed in addition to traditional records storage.  For over seven years, business owners in Kansas City have relied on Access Records Management  to safely & securely store their specialty items.  These items can range from extra restaurant booths to office furniture, excess business inventory  or mechanical equipment. (Nothing with gasoline please)

Buying or leasing additional space for these items may not always be economical. Our secure off-site storage facility ensures that your specialty items are safe & secure and are available at a moment’s notice.  We use CCTV cameras that record to a DVR and all employees must pass a vigorous background/drug check.  We utilize a bar-code inventory tracking system that allows for super quick retrievals of your specialty items.   We even offer pick-up and delivery of your specialty items for a reasonable charge.

We offer both standard  and expedited delivery service based on your needs. Deliveries and retrievals are available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the transfer and delivery process.

To learn more about our specialty items secure storage solutions, please contact us by phone at 816.331.7200 or fill out the form on this page.