Paper Scanning Services

The Imaging of active high volume or archival paper documents is quickly becoming an integral part of many companies overall Records Information Management plans. Regardless of how your documents are stored, Access Records Management can convert them to almost any medium, including popular software formats like PDF’s or TIFF files.

Access Records offers the best practices in document conversion services which allow our customers to fully utilize the true potential of their charts/files. Increased productivity, improved work flow, & efficient Records  Management Solutions are only a few of the benefits our clients gain from our scanning services.

Custom Document Imaging Solutions to Meet Your Needs:

Access Records Management offers turn-key document scanning & imaging solutions consisting of document preparation, conversion scanning, data indexing, quality control measures, and the immediate retrieval of your former hard-copy paper records.

Our team of professional document scanning experts starts out by coming to your location and completes a thorough purge of the files/charts to be converted to digital.  Upon completion, you, the client, will receive a list of all the files taken off-site for document scanning.

Once we receive your company’s documents, our team follows strict security protocol & procedures and maintains chain of custody procedures as we begin the document conversion process.

  1. Each document is physically prepared for digitization by removing staples, inserting separator sheets,  and trimming badly wrinkled edges.
  2. Your paper files are then efficiently scanned using our industrial high speed scanners and are converted into the electronic format of your choice.(PDF, TIFF, etc.)
  3. All scanned images go through  strict quality control measures. With just the click of a button, a scanner operator can rescan any document that doesn’t meet our strict standards for image quality.
  4. These files are then indexed and a layer of OCR(Optical Character Resolution) is applied by our experienced IT staff to accommodate ease of future retrievals.
  5. The electronic data is then encrypted and placed on any specific media that you specify(Thumb Drive, DVD,  External hard-drive, Microfilm, etc.)
  6. We deliver the media to you & provide the de-crypt password.

In most cases, we can even load the data into your ECM(Electronic Content Management) platform with proper login credentials.

After the scanning process is complete, we can either return the original documents to you or they can be destroyed in-house using our high capacity industrial shredder.

To learn more about any of our Document Scanning & Imaging solutions, please call us at 816.331.7200 or fill out the form on this page.