Cloud Document Repository 

Are you trying to achieve more from an existing document management system or considering a new cloud approach altogether? Access Records Management offers custom cost effective solutions for the secure storage of your companies documents and information management.

Online Document Distribution Solutions 

Storing your business assets in a centralized document repository is a growing trend that protects company assets and supports business process management. By moving your digital documents and images to the cloud, ARM can help your business increase productivity, improve performance and workflows, and enhance your existing ECM(electronic content management) systems.

Benefits of Storing Data in the Cloud

  • No IT Capital expenditures
  • No ongoing IT maintenance & management of the system
  • Gain immediate, secure access to your digital records via the internet
  • State of the Art Military Grade Security
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, and FISMA
  • Simplify Data Back-ups for Compliance
  • Centralize and manage all your Corporate Assets, Including Email

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