Aperture Cards Conversions


Aperture cards have traditionally been used in engineering applications as well as in the defense industry and government agencies for many years.

Access Records Management uses the latest technologies to image Aperture cards to PDF, TIFF, JPG, CAD, JEDMICS, and more. Stringent policies/procedures and verification steps have been implemented to ensure the conversion project meets your objectives and accuracy specifications.

Aperture cards containing single or multiple document images in one frame, can be scanned as one image or each document as a separate image.  Aperture cards are scanned and the Hollerith data is read for proper indexing. We can also capture this data directly from the image. Images can be Watermarked for security purposes and copyright protection.

If you already have electronic images that need to be separated in any way, then we have extensive cropping capabilities that are excellent for separating documents that were originally filmed together in one aperture card.

Do you have damaged or faded cards? We can help. Please ask for details.

For more information about Aperture Card Conversions, please call 816.331.7200 or fill out the form on this page.